Trip to Tasmania 11.3. – 16.3.

Hi, my name is Michal, I am 29 years old man from Czech Republic. I planned trip for Tasmania for period 11.3. to 16.3. Start and end is in Launceston. (I have ticket to flight arriving at 9:30). Trip activities should be mostly walking and hiking and travelling in rented car. Sleeping basically in car on spots found by wikicamps app or is possibility to purchase a tent (in K-mart cost 70$ for 4 people) and possibly in the middle of trip have some accomodation in hostel to charge fully mobile phones and enjoy bed comfort. For rare chances to buy food on journey, I prefer mostly take food in boot of car and eventually buy some meal in fastfood on the way. I designed map with many spots here: All of them cannot be reached, but this is for having many options to choose. Costs: Car rent 350-400$, Petrol 100-150$, park access fee 60$ – all splited between members, Accomodation in hostel for 1 day 20-30$. Food cost depends on you, I expect 100$ per person with saving access to shopping. (+ price to get into Launceston). So in case of more expensive border of estimation and 2 people in team, it is 435$ without travel cost to Launceston and back (flight). I can drive all the way, it is not problem for me. Neccessary to take is sleeping bag, jacket for case of bad weather and proper shoes for walking. My email is I am looking forward for your responses.


Tasmania Trip Map

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